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At Microcement Finish, we bring innovative exterior design & renovation solutions with our expert pool micro cement surface installation services.

Microcement has emerged as an innovative and popular choice for pool surfaces, offering a modern and stylish alternative to traditional pool finishes. With its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, microcement is transforming the way we design and renovate swimming pools.

Its thin nature of only 2-3mm, hence the term ‘micro’, but despite this thinness, microcement maintains a high degree of strength and durability.

The rise in popularity of micro cement in Toronto and the GTA is largely attributed to its extensive list of benefits. From their seamless and customizable surfaces to their durability, waterproof properties, and design versatility, microcement pools provide a visually stunning and long-lasting pool solution. 

With the added benefits of easy maintenance and non-slip surface options, microcement pools create an inviting and safe oasis for leisure and relaxation.

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Microcement Pool Application Prices in Toronto, ON

Our professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional microcement Pool installation services that combine quality, durability, and style at a $25 per square foot and a minimum order of $3,000.  For larger residential or commercial projects exceeding 1000 sq ft, we are pleased to provide a discounted price ranging from $20 to $22 per square foot. We prioritize your satisfaction and we offer free and no-obligation consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. 

At Microcement Finish, you can trust us to expertly handle your microcement pool application across Toronto and the GTA, ensuring a seamless and customized experience throughout the entire process.

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Microcement Pools vs. Traditional Vinyl and Concrete Pools

Discover the perfect alternative pool solution for your outdoor oasis with a comprehensive comparison of microcement pools, vinyl pools, and concrete pools. By exploring the advantages and considerations of each pool type, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and creates the pool of your dreams.

Microcement Pool Application

Microcement pools offer a modern and customizable solution for homeowners looking to create a unique and visually appealing swimming pool. With their seamless and customizable surfaces, microcement pools provide a sleek and stylish finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of the pool.

  1. Surface Finish: Microcement pools feature a seamless, customizable surface finish. The material can be applied in various colors, textures, and finishes to achieve the desired look.
  2. Installation Complexity and Time: Microcement pools require a moderate level of installation complexity. The process involves preparing the pool structure, applying the microcement mixture in multiple layers, and meticulously smoothing and sealing the surface. While the installation of microcement pools is generally less complex than concrete pools, it may require skilled professionals to ensure a seamless and high-quality finish. The installation time for microcement pools can vary depending on the pool size and design, but it is typically faster than concrete pools.
  3. Durability: Microcement pools are highly durable and resistant to cracking, fading, and damage from pool chemicals. They can withstand the test of time and offer long-lasting performance.
  4. Water Resistance: Microcement is inherently waterproof, ensuring that the pool remains leak-free and maintains its structural integrity.
  5. Stain Resistance: Microcement surfaces are resistant to staining, making it easier to maintain a clean pool appearance.
  6. Design Versatility: Microcement pools offer a high level of design flexibility, allowing for custom shapes, features, and unique design elements.
  7. Maintenance: Microcement pools are relatively low maintenance, requiring regular cleaning and proper water balance to preserve their appearance and performance.
  8. Non-Slip Surface Options: Microcement can be customized with non-slip additives or textured finishes to enhance safety around the pool area.
Microcement Pools Application Experts

Vinyl Pool Application

Vinyl pools are a popular choice for their affordability and quick installation.

  1. Surface Finish: Vinyl pools utilize a printed vinyl liner to provide the pool’s surface finish. The liner comes in various designs.
  2. Installation Complexity and Time: Vinyl pools are known for their relatively quick and straightforward installation process. The pool structure is constructed using a prefabricated kit, and the vinyl liner is then installed over the structure. Vinyl pools typically have a shorter installation time.
  3. Durability: Vinyl liners are susceptible to tears, punctures, and fading over time. The typical lifespan of a vinyl liner ranges from 10 to 15 years, requiring periodic replacement to maintain optimal pool conditions.
  4. Water Resistance and Leaks: Vinyl liners can develop leaks over time, requiring attention to ensure water integrity. Proper maintenance are essential to minimize the risk of leaks.
  5. Stain and Discoloration: While vinyl liners are generally resistant to stains, they may be prone to discoloration if not properly maintained and cleaned.
  6. Design Versatility: Vinyl pools offer a variety of pre-designed shapes and sizes, providing some flexibility. However, customization options are limited compared to materials like microcement.
  7. Maintenance and Care: Vinyl pools require moderate maintenance, including regular cleaning, maintaining proper water chemistry, and periodic replacement of the liner. 
  8. Safety Considerations: Additional non-slip measures may be necessary to enhance safety around the pool area, as vinyl surfaces can be smooth.

Concrete Pool Application

Concrete pools offer versatility and durability in pool construction.

  1. Surface Finish: Concrete pools offer a wide range of surface finishes, including smooth plaster, textured aggregates, or tiled surfaces.
  2. Installation Complexity and Time: Concrete pools generally require a more complex installation process due to the custom nature of their design. The process requires expertise in pool construction techniques and may involve a longer installation time compared to vinyl and microcement pools.
  3. Durability: Properly constructed concrete pools are highly durable and can withstand various environmental conditions. When built with quality materials, concrete pools have the potential for exceptional longevity.
  4. Water Resistance and Leaks: Concrete pools, are resistant to leaks and can maintain water integrity. Attention to detail during construction ensures a watertight structure.
  5. Stain and Discoloration: Concrete pool surfaces may require periodic cleaning and maintenance to prevent staining or discoloration.
  6. Design Versatility: Concrete pools provide high design versatility, allowing for custom shapes, sizes, and unique features that perfectly complements the outdoor space and reflects the personal style.
  7. Maintenance and Care: Concrete pools require regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the pool, and periodic surface refinishing or resurfacing as needed.
  8. Safety Considerations: Additional non-slip measures may be necessary to enhance safety around the pool area, as concrete surfaces can be smooth.

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Microcement Finish by 1BENMU, is a leading microcement company located in Toronto and offers unparalleled expertise and exceptional service.

With a focus on delivering high-quality finishes for floors, walls, bathrooms, fireplaces, pools, and wooden surfaces, we have built a strong reputation for our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing durable, stylish, and customizable microcement solutions. We prioritize your unique needs and preferences, offering personalized consultations to guide you through the selection process.

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